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Set #78 - Big Beautiful Bookworm
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A Bit About Stephenie

Hi hi! I'm Stephenie :)

For those of you who know me, I'm so excited and happy to be back! And for those of you who don't, I look forward to meeting you! I'm twenty-three years old and already four times the size of a lot of girls my age. I love my soft, pillowy curves and I know you will too!

I was born and raised deep in the heart of Texas and I like to think that I'm the perfect example of the fact that everything truly is bigger there! I currently reside in South Carolina, but Texas is always in my heart :) I've been chubby for as long as I can remember and, at a fairly young age, I started realizing how much I really love my size and dabbling with the thought of becoming much bigger. As you can see, I've achieved -some- of my goals, but I'm far from finished!

I hope you'll join my website so I can show you more of my doughy rolls and jiggling belly as well as how a growing girl my size stays so fat and sexy ;)

I love hearing requests and I always aim to please...so definitely shoot me an email sometime!

Come on inside! I have lots to show you...

<333 Stephenie

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